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Crafternoon at Burma Burma by Foodtalkindia !!

The Foodtalkindia hosted this wonderful event which was named as Crafternoon. This event was filled with lots of fun I never had before. The first thing was it had a full three course meal for all the foodies and secondly it had a full session of “Mandal Art”.  “Mandala” is a complex art design which is usually in a circular form, also Mandala in Sanskrit means Circular. So first we were greeted by some starters and drinks, then we had the session of mandala art. There were a mother and daughter who were actually experts in this form of Art, her name was Shan Jain and she is a Certified Workshop Facilitator and Seminar Leader.





The event was hosted by Foodtalkindia for the launch of Burma Burma at DLF Mall of India, Noida. Burma Burma is Burmese restaurant which only serves Burmese cuisine. There were only 2 outlets in Delhi so this was the third in the Burma Burma Family to launch in Delhi NCR.
Talking about the food. It has a very different yet unique taste. For the people who are bored or tired of having basic Dal Roti and Italian cuisine. This is a good replacement for you. There were dishes with ingredients I have never wanted to have but when I tried here it actually amazed me.




The list of the dishes which I tried are as follows: –

#1. Mala ka Pin Thoke / Guava Salad – This was the guava salad which was cooked with Guava , crushed peanuts, red chilli and brown onions. This absolutely dint taste like a salad but it was like a proper cooked dish also I first thought that it might taste sweet but because of the red chilli the flavour was very spicy.

#2. Lotus Root Salad – This was the best starter I tasted so far. The lotus roots were fried and it made them crunchy. It was mixed with roasted gram four, chilli oil and tamarind pulp. This is dish is definitely a must try. If you serve me lotus root at home I would never try it. But I actually loved it here.

#3. Crunchy Tofu Steamed Buns- These were really small white buns. It had crunchy tofu patty in the middle with lettuce and a white sauce in it. It tasted delicious.










#4. Wa style Potato- This was a potato wok tossed with crushed peanuts, brown onion,lime leaf and red chilli. It was a perfect replacement of honey chilli potato. All the potato lovers would love this.

#5. Burma Burma ‘Oh No’ Khowseuy- This is the Burma Burma Special dish. This is a signature one bowl meal of coconut milk served with lemongrass, tamarind and diced Asian vegetables. It had noodles in it to make it heavier. All the coconut lovers would love this dish as it had a strong flavour of coconut.



#6. Lapet Hatmin Kyaw/ Fried Rice with Tea Leaf- This was basically fried rice with tea leaf , peanut and garlic. It was extremely spicy but yet extremely delicious. This was served with stir fried vegetables with Asian greens. Both the dishes were quite delicious and complemented each other.

#7. Bubble Tea – I just love the concept of bubble tea and this bubble tea was so delicious as it had chocolate bubbles. It actually refreshed me.










#8. Pomegranate juice- This was quite amazing. It actually had raw pomegranate in it. The concept was just like bubble tea but instead of bubbles it had pomegranate.

#9. The deserts were samplers. I loved the desert in which they used a live rose and crushed it in front of us and spilled on the desert. It was actually edible.


Also, I had a wonderful experience doing Mandala Art. I’m really bad at drawing and sketching but this art was so fun that it got the artist out of me. This art is basically done for meditation. While you are doing this, it is said you go into a certain kind of mediation which relaxes your brain which actually worked for me. The fun thing about this was we used no paint brush but circular things like earbuds, toothpicks, sticks carved as circular with different shapes and sizes and paints. This was an art you can try at home as well. Im sharing a picture which I worked on and the other picture is by a friend of mine who tried making a piece where Buddha was sitting and meditating.















Our whole experience from the food to the Mandala art session was just terrific. I would totally recommend you to try this new outlet in Noida if you are looking for a different cuisine. Would love to rate this place 5/5 for its delicious food and lovely hospitality.

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