Festive Look Book This Season

Festive season are my personal favourite but the fuss is always about deciding the right outfit for the right occasion. Rakhi is a Festival for all the brothers and sisters and everybody loves to dress up and exchange rakhi gifts. The most stressful situation for all the sisters is what to wear on these festive days. As mostly its celebrated in the morning so everyone loves to keep it light and subtle but also beautiful. So Im sharing a Rakhi Look Book but you can tag it as Festive Look Book. People who feel they don’t look good in flowing dresses they will change their perception at the end of this blog.

Ill be sharing 3 looks with you for this Festive Season. These looks are so easy to carry at night events such as satsang, mehendi, mata ki chowki etc.

  1. First Look Of this Festive Season:-     
    The first look has a flowing gown and a jacket on it. It looks like an indo western dress because of the jacket. You buy any simple print gown and match it either with a short Jacket or a little long jacket. The best part about Indian dresses is that you get to wear such beautiful ethnic jewellery with it. Always keep in mind that when you wear a long neck piece then it’s good to wear small earrings with it. So, I wore a long-oxidised neck piece which I bought from an exhibition for Rs 500. You get this from Janpath or Kamla Nagar. For the earrings I also got them from the same exhibition for Rs 250.

Festive makeup  

2. Second Look for the Seasom:-
The second look is a simple yet printed stylish gown which is super light to wear in this weather. It looks like half Wrap a round but it actually just one piece. The belt style look gave it a beautiful style. The gown in itself was printed and had a lot of colors so I just preferred wearing simple earrings with it and no neck piece.

3. Third Look for this Festive Season:-
The third look is actually on flowing dress but it looks as if you are wearing parallels or a sharara or a skirt and on top of it is the shirt which is quite long. But in reality, its just one dress. The neck was quite stylish so I again dint prefer a neck piece and wore a little big than usual earrings with it. To give a different look I changed my hairstyle for it.


4. Fourth Look for this Festive Season:-
The fourth look is a simple indian suit but with beautiful subtle colours you’d love to wear in this season. The main highlight is the Chunni of the suit. This is a Bandhani ki Chunni. Bandhani is a type of cloth which is crafted so beautifully that it just enhances the whole outfit. I just did a very subtle peachish makeup with it and wore these rose gold earrings with it which i got from westside for just Rs 25o.

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