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PappaRoti first brought its unique concept in Malaysia in 2003 and currently there are over 400 outlets all over the world. I had heard a lot about this place because of its crazy coffee caramel bun desert. So being a food blogger I just had to try this. There are only 2 outlets of PappaRoti in Delhi NCR and i.e Gurgaon and Noida. I went to the DLF Cyber Hub outlet of PappaRoti. The place is beautiful and gives an open café vibe as there are artificial trees made in the center of the place and you feel as if you are sitting in some open café on a London or American street. It is also known as the World-Famous Buns since 2003.












Without tasting the delicious items, the mission would not have been accomplished. So, the food I ordered was as follows: –

#1. The first thing I ordered was the Butter Chicken Double Chow. The reason I ordered this dish was because it wasn’t mainstream Butter Chicken and Roti but had a unique concept all over. It is a whole piece of bread in which there is a hollow and it is filled with Butter chicken gravy and pieces. This is served with some extras of fries and a little more butter chicken if you need. Ive always had Butter Chicken with a roti but having it with bread was quite interesting and it even tasted delicious. The combination was out of the box yet tastier than the usual type.











#2. The second thing I ordered was a Butter Chicken Pizza. This also was upto the required standards. The crust of the pizza was thin and the butter chicken pieces were also soft and easy to have. The pizza in itself was quite filling. This was just like the usual pizzas.













#3. For drinks I preferred a Mocha Cold Coffee. It tasted usual as other Mocha Coffee. As refreshing drink, it was a nice option. The reason I ordered this was because PappaRoti was also famous for its coffee.


#4. The last thing had to be something I went there for and for which this place got so famous. It was the Nutella Bun. This is the first time I had any dish like this and it was extraordinarily delicious. The bun was little bit crispy on the exteriors and soft on the interiors. There was Caramel and Coffee taste in the middle of the bun which gave it a bit salty taste. And it was topped with Nutella. It takes then 5 Hours to prepare this bun and the dough is fermented to an exact size to give it soft and pillow texture. I’ve never tasted a tastier desert than this ever before. This desert is definitely a must try.


If you are tired of having the usual food and you are in cyber hub confused where to go then PappaRoti is a definitely a must try specially for its relishing deserts. I would rate it a 4.5/5. If you are in other cities and you have PappaRoti in your city and you haven’t tried it. Then definitely give it a shot. Its gonna be worth it.


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