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The Future is Female !

TFIF, the full form says The Future is Female. The name itself is so empowering and motivating. I got a chance to experience this place and trust me my experience was fantastic. The place is on the 4th floor on the main road of Rajouri Garden and is beautifully made. I loved the interior, it had a soothing effect to sit for a longer time. I went in the day time so the sunlight could come in as half of the roof was see through and half wasn’t. Inspite of sunlight coming in the place was not hot but cooling which was really nice. There was a big bar infront and was actually the main highlight of the place.


Coming to food. I had the opportunity to try a full 3 course meal, which included a Starter a Main Course, a dessert and 2 drinks. So, these were the following dishes I tried: –

#1. Let’s start with the starters. I tried the peri peri chicken supreme. This was in a stick and was boneless. The texture of the sauce was very nice and I loved how the chicken was. It was perfectly cooked and was absolutely fresh. It is good for 2 people. If you are more than that you might want to order one more starter.



#2. The main course dish I ordered was a Manchurian Pizza. Yes, you read it right. I was also a bit shocked to see such an exclusive item in the menu. So, I just had to order it. Now the ultimate deal was, usually there are many people who happen to leave the sides of the pizza as they feel its not tasty. Well they just broke this irony and actually made it tasty by not giving a cheese filling in the sides rather a Manchurian ball inside it. This was definitely the dish which attracted me the most and was very tasty as well. Check the image to have a look. It was worth a try specially the Chinese and the pizza lovers. You get both in one.


#3. Then I ordered a mocktail which was a mixture of apple and fruits. It was very refreshing and cooling. The best mocktail to kill this torturing heat. The way it was served was very interesting it felt as if I was having a margrita in the day time.













#4. There were some really cool shakes as well. So, ordered a Berry Blast Shake. It had a berry taste in the milk but was topped with whipped cream and chocolate cookie crumbles. It is a bit heavy so if you order this make sure you share it with someone. But the best thing was that it was extremely sweet not very sour. The mixture was perfectly blended.


#5. Last but not the least, I can’t just go out without trying the desert. Therefore, I ordered one and it definitely had to be a chocolate mousse. The consistency of the mousse was perfect. The chocolate was on point. The amount of the mousse was also on point which is why I liked it because there are some mousse with lesser quantity.















The place was different from others as instead of male waiters there was female waiters. I loved this concept of enhancing women power. The staff was very generous and interactive and suggested appropriately. All in all, I loved the place a lot from food to hospitality and ambience.

I would love to rate this place a 5/5.

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