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Smoke House Deli!!

It was Christmas eve when I was standing on the streets of Khan Market wondering where can I celebrate my Christmas eve and feel satisfied. Then I saw Smoke House Deli and thought this is a perfect chrismasy vibe place. So, I went there. It was the best choice for that day.


The place is already white and they had decorated little bit which made it more beautiful. It is located on the first floor and consists of 2 floors. Following were the dishes I tried: –

#1. The first was definitely a pizza, as pizza never disappoints you. I ordered a half and half pizza. One half was Roast Chicken and Mushroom Pizza and the other half was Olive & Mushroom pizza with Broccoli, jalapeños and bell peppers added to it. The pizza was thin and crisp on the edges and the cheese melted in our mouth.#2. The second dish we ordered was specially to make us feel a bit American. It was the smoke house deli curried vegetable lasagne. The lasagne was average and not very satisfying. It was filled with cabbage and was not at all American style. The curry was not of our taste.

#3. The third was their specials for Christmas eve. “The Hot Chocolate” with a Marshmallow on top. It was a perfect drink on a Christmas eve. And I ended the night with some quite relishing tastes.


It is a lovely place to sit and chat for long hours with friends and family specially when the area is so LIT. All in all, we would rate the place as 4/5.


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