Wedding Season Special- Ethnic Jewellery

When it comes to ethnic wear and wedding season, the most legit requirement is the earrings. The question arises where to buy such earrings from and can it be worn with other outfits as well? So, at the end of this blog you will be convinced that ethnic earrings is not a waste of money and can be carried with various outfits and not just Indian wear.

Posing with earrings for weddingEarrings and the box wedding gifts


There are various places from where you can get these oxidised yet classy earring which are a bit different from the usual. Now a days the best place for such unique items is the “exhibitions”. There is a certain kind of misconception that stalls put up in exhibitions sell at exorbidant prices. But the fact is there are some business which even sell at a reasonable price. Obviously if we compare the prices with Janpath and sarojni then we will definitely feel they sell at cheaper but sometimes the quality also varies. So, I went to one of the exhibitions and bought these beautiful earrings.

Creme earrings for wedding purpose Flowing earrings for wedding season Grey earrings for wedding

The next pair of earrings are from Khan Market. There is a really small shop which had many items other than earrings. But my main basic requirement for that time was the earrings so I purchased a pair of these earrings for just Rs 199, which I thought was quite reasonable. You can wear these earrings on any colour of your suit. It will compliment with everything. Even if you wear any western flowing top these earrings will embrace the look of your outfit. This top im wearing is actually a western top but these oxidized earrings gave it a very unique look. I also bought some rings which complimented with the earrings so well.


Junk earrings for weddingPose with rings for a wedding functionDisplay of earrings and rings on wedding day


Wedding time is the time you already spend so much money on your outfits that you dont feel like spending it on jewelry. So Janpath, Sarojni and Kamla nagar are the best places to shop this kind of jewellery. I bought these earrings from Kamla Nagar and they started from 100 to maximum 300. You can even buy from online stores on Instagram as well.

Posing with earrings on wedding


I hope you liked my bunch of earrings this wedding season. Comment below and tell me which ones your favourite and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more such updates.

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