Best Skin Care Routine :- Face Sheetmasks !!

When the weather turns bad the skin compliments it. Break this chain with the weather and make your skin shine like a star. The major issue which arises is that it requires hell lot of time and resources to keep pampering your skin. Either you spend hundreds of rupees in the salon or you make those ingredients at home and try and ruin your skin. On the other hand, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and fresh and most of the people look for remedies which are quick and easy to use. So here is the easiest way to keep your skin smooth and fresh instantly sitting at home.



The Korean skin care routine has become very famous in India recently and many people are loving it. Facemasks or the sheet masks are one of the Korean remedies for skin care routine. They are the most reasonable and convenient way of refreshing your skin. Just imagine in just Rs 100 to Rs 150 you get something which actually does wonders for your skin, that to sitting at home. I first saw these sheet masks on Innisfree store and then found them online on Nykaa. Faceshop also has amazing masksheets. The best thing about buying a masksheet from Innisfree store is that they tell you which masksheet is best for your skin type. There are various flavours of masksheet which have different uses. There is green tea mask sheet, lemon, blueberry, tea tree etc. It’s very simple to use it.  All you have to do is just follow three simple steps. They are as follows: –

#1. First just wash your face properly with a facewash i use the Garnier Facewash you can use any facewash according to your skin. Then dry it with a towel.


#2. Then remove the mask from the packet. Then apply these mask as mentioned behind the packet or you can refer to the images below. Remove the blue film if there is on any mask sheet. Keep this mask for 15 minutes.

#3. Then remove the sheet and start rubbing you face to let the pores open and lets the skin absorb your skin. After rubbing it a few times just wash your face with water. Do not use a facewash immediately after removing the mask. Just wash your face with water and tap it with a towel to wipe it.

See the difference before and after the mask. You will literally feel as if your skin is breathing. You can also use the left-over serum in the packet and apply it on your hand and feet. These masks contain a lot of serum which refreshes your skin and keeps it hydrated for a longer time and it gives instant effects. This is the perfect remedy when you have to rush for a party and you don’t have time to put face packs or if your skin is sensitive. Its almost good for all skin types.


You can buy these on Nykaa. I use the Innisfree and Faceshop masks. But recently Garnier has also launched their facemasks and they are super amazing. The best thing about it is, it is dermatologically tested and approved. If you apply just one mask it will equalise for 1 week of serum. Yes guys, it contains a lot of serum. They have launched 3 types of sheet masks.

















#1. Serum Sakura White- This masksheet is for a skin type which is dull and has lack of glow in it. It restores the pinkish glow and smoothens the skin. Also it definitely intensely rehydrates your skin.


#2. Light Complete Serum- This is also for the Dull skin type and also people who have dark spots must try this sheet mask. This reduces dullness and fades dark spots.

#3. Hydra Bomb- This is the Bomb of the masksheets. This is just to hydrate your skin, if you feel your skin is dehydrated then you should definitely use this. It is best for this season. It replumps your skin and replenishes moisture.



They costed me only Rs 99 excluding GST. But currently there is an offer going on Nykaa. Buy 2 and get 1 free. This offer is valid for garnier.

For the Faceshop the offer is buy 7 and get 7 free. For this you need to cart 14 items and out of which 7 becomes free.

Do try these masks and just relax your day ahead. They are magical!!

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