An escape in the New York City !!!

Travelling is passion for some and rejunavation for others but for me travelling is like breathing. So lets start with the city of my dreams. Since I was a kid I always dreamt of walking on the streets of New York. Finally, this was my chance to fulfil it.

The first stop in my travel diary was The Times Square. This place is known to be the worlds crowded area. When you walk on the streets of Times Square you’ll see thousands of people from almost every other country or state. Walking on those streets made me feel united.


This is the most LIT street what we will say in 2018 language. There are big live banner ads which are working 24*7. The best time to visit Times Square is at night when you can actually see the city full of lights and full of people. It is the heart of New York.




You say the store and it’ll be on Times Square. There were almost all the brands on the street. From Forever 21 to Gucci, Prada. Every girls favourite Victoria Secret and Sephora. There are numerous restaurants and food stalls.

The next stop In New York was the MET steps. This place fascinated me and I had it in my bucket list as I was a big crazy fan of the tv series Gossip Girl. Most of the scenes had been shooted on these steps. This place is actually Metropolitan Museum of Art. But these steps and the outside beauty is very famous and beautiful. You would love to sit on these steps for hours and hours and not feel bored.


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