Confused What To Wear This Summer??

Some people love summers, some just hate them. The main reason of love and hate is, its difficult to decide what to wear which will relax you from this heat and will make you look stylish as well on the other side. I’ll make this easy for you and those who hate summers im sure will start loving them at the end of this post.


#1. This is a kind of a sporty look. But yet a lot trending. These pants are extremely in Fashion and they look really hot. You can wear them for night parties as well with a blinging top. I chose to wear it in the day time. This can be a very nice outfit for all the college going girls. I wore a plain Zara Top which was very soft and comfortable and these pants are from the most trending online store now-a-days Shein. The pants quality is very nice and dint hurt me in this heat.

#2. The second outfit is a Polo T shirt Dress. This is the most comfortable outfit to beat this summer. It looks absolutely classy and relaxes you. I bought this T shirt Dress from US Polo. You can find it online on NNNOW.



#3. This is one of my favourite outfits and the most relaxing one yet it gives a touch of a girly side. The off shoulders and cold shoulders are in fashion and summers are the best time to wear such shoulders, so this is the outfit everyone will love to carry. Just wear any black shorts or black skirt with a cold shoulder top. Wearing this I felt so free and it dint bother me much.



#4. Light and subtle colors also make you calm and feel cool in summers. Try these very light colors to kill the heat. When I bought this outfit my mum was not convinced that it’ll suit me. But its always good to trust your gut. When I wore this dress she was stunned and complimented me for my choice. The skirts material is very light and easy carry. Both the top and the skirt is from Westside.



#5. Wearing Denim jeans is too mainstream. Reverse it around. This is an outfit which anyone can carry. I wore a fitted black skirt and a one side shoulder denim top with frills on it. The frill gave it a very stylish look. The Denim Top I’m wearing is from AND.

All these outfits were easy to carry. Don’t be disappointed of how you look or what kind of figure you have. Just wear and do what you want, make yourself happy because in the end its you who will be there. Just inspire and comment if you loved my post.

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