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Bored of eating boiled eggs ?
Lets present another healthy recipe for eating eggs !
This recipe is simple and classic. It was introduced to me by my father, because he loves eating an omelette and cooking it as well because my mother wasnt fond of cooking or eating eggs so he himself came to his rescue and mine too 😛 Its one of our most favourite and healthy breakfast for the day!


1. BEAT the eggs after adding some salt, black pepper, red pepper and 1-2 spoons of milk (makes the egg tough and fluffy in texture) in a small bowl until it blends perfectly.
2. HEAT some butter or some olive oil in a non stick pan until hot, over medium-high heat.
3. POUR IN the mixture and TILT the pan so that the egg reaches all the edges, in a circular shape.
4. Let it cook and when the egg is thickened and no visible liquid seems uncooked, flip it. Then FOLD the omelette in half and SLIDE it onto the plate and serve immediately.

The above recipe is for a plain and lighter omelette but you can INVENT your own fillings by adding some onion capcicum tomato mixture or some cheese or vegetables of your choice !

Happy cooking ! 👅


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