What comes to your mind when you hear of Italy?

Definitely wine and food , are we right or are we right?
Let us at gourmetwomen tell you about the experience one of us (with her college companion) had during a 30 day stay in Milan, Italy!
Because there was no parental guidance , everything was supposed to be done by oneself from washing clothes to preparing meals ! And how can someone prepare 3 meals everyday on their own ? So we binged quite alot outside our apartment too !
So here are our 5 best meals from Milan that will definitely make you drool over italian food at the moment :
1. There is no name to what was prepared on the 2nd day in Milan for breakfast because we had no clue what to eat while we were famished ! We collected the basic stuff that was available – bread , cheese , chips and maggi sauce
Sitting in our room itself – we took 4 bread slices applied butter  put some shredded cheese with chips on it and topped it with some ketchup
It might sound bizarre but it tasted super amazing and filling at that moment ! You too can try this 5 mins bread&chips recipe out when you’re super late for work or super hungry at night
So in this picture here you see us having our breakfast in bed moment .


 Here you see a typical uni canteen meal – tiramisu coffee , white glazed donut and shell pasta red sauce
NABA university, Milano was where one of us had gone for a 4 week study programme through college
The canteen was called THE CORNER where there was hustle and bustle throughout the day
All the students were given a card which was supposed to be recharged with minimun 10 euros to be used in the canteen
So the canteen was horizontally set , on the left were main course meals being prepared live and on the right was the bakery+coffee shop
Standing right in the middle All you had to do was make the decision of what to eat out of all super attractive options available
So one day i opted for a light vegetarian meal and also the love for donut & coffee together couldnt be resisted so
The donut was a usual little donut with white glaze on it
The tiramisu coffee had caramel , chocolate , tiramisu coffee topped with cream – its inital taste sweet gradually giving a bitter aftertaste like a surprise
And the shell pasta in light tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese was worth the decision of trying vegetarian
Thats about THE CORNER at NABA university, Milano .

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